The Course of Training
Living in the Truth of the Present Moment

a practical, humorous, and down-to-earth guide
for applying the Principles of Truth in daily life

D.R. Butler

“There is no limit to what is available right now. Right now we can open up to everything.  The only limitations are those we have accepted from others, from society, or that we have created for ourselves and impose on ourselves.  Why go to the ocean with a cup?

The highest Consciousness exists in all its glory right now.  We are limited only by our capacity to see and experience the Truth of our own Being.

When we consider our life, most of us think in terms of some ‘beginning’, somewhere in the past—either our ‘birth’ or our first memories —and then our ‘life’ stretches through everything we’ve experienced and done, everyone we’ve known, all the things that have happened to us, all the way up to the previous moment.  Then, somehow, for most of us, our experience of our own life conveniently skips over the present moment and begins to project into a theoretical future—plans, ambitions, worries, fears—all that we hope to attain, and all that we hope to avoid.

In this way, we totally miss out on the experience of the present moment.  The problem with this approach is that the present moment is the only time that our life actually exists.  The ‘past’ and the ‘future’ exist in the mind only, as ideas or concepts of what was and what might be.  The past is no longer real, and the future is only a mental projection, a point of reference arising from the ego’s need to continue beyond the present moment.  We live presuming a future is just ahead of us.  After all, since the past apparently did happen, there must be a future too, right? 

If we observe very clearly, it is intuitively obvious that right now, in this moment, life is as it actually is.  This is it.  Nothing could be more obvious than this.  It is so obvious that it seems a bit absurd to even say it. 

That which exists without change or variance is the inner Awareness, or Consciousness.  It is that within us that is aware or conscious of anything.  It is the Knower of all that is known and the Seer of all that is seen.  It understands all that is understood.  It is indestructible and indivisible.  This Awareness pervades and permeates the entire Universe simultaneously, and it exists within us as our own Self, our own inner Awareness of Being, which is unconditioned and unmodified.

When we are aware of this Awareness, and our focus is on Awareness itself, Consciousness itself, we experience a gentle contentment unlike anything else.  It is in this contentment that we experience the Truth. 

Our highest Truth exists in the state of supreme contentment.  A person who can focus on the Truth of the present moment lives in a state of inner bliss regardless of external karmic circumstances.

We can experience bliss when we are quiet and content, yet we can also experience bliss when we are sad or grief-stricken.  Bliss is an eternal aspect of our own Nature.  If we are not too addicted to our anger or our depression (which we will explore more later), we can even experience bliss during those times.  Bliss has no opposite; does not exist in time; does not come or go.  Only our experience of it fluctuates.  The inner nature of the Self is always the same.  It is eternally changeless.

Bliss exists right now.  It is our truest inner feeling.  All that might be lacking is our awareness of it. “

— D. R. Butler

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